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The Boneshaker by Kate MilfordThe Boneshaker, by Kate Milford.  Kate is a friend of mine.  We met a few years ago on the SCBWI discussion boards in a post that involved steampunk.  Since then, we’ve exchanged critiques on a few manuscripts and so I’ve enjoyed her work for a while.  We met in person on my recent trip to NYC, and had a very nice time.  Kate is a person blessed, or perhaps lucky, or perhaps cursed to have both a fertile imagination, and the apparently boundless energy to express it.  (I sometimes wonder if she made her own deal at the crossroads – read The Boneshaker, you’ll see what I mean.)  In addition to all the normal social networking things, she runs her own website at the Clockwork Foundry, and also the tourism site for a city that may or may not exist.

I had planned to write my own review of The Boneshaker, but Elizabeth Bird has done a better job than I could at her Fuse #8 blog.  I encourage you to go read it.  Then, obtain a copy of The Boneshaker.

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