Scholastic Librarian Preview – Fall 2010 Webcast

Publishers often hold seasonal previews to get librarians and educators excited about upcoming titles.  These are what Elizabeth Bird (AKA Fuse #8) often reports on, like this one.  But normally you have to live close to the publisher to attend, which usually means New York City.  But this year, Scholastic did something pretty cool.  They did their Fall 2010 preview as a webcast.  That way, librarians all over the country were able to tune in and get in on the excitement.

I mention it here because David Levithan had some very nice things to say about The Clockwork Three.  You can watch the webcast here.  My book comes up around 37:40, but I’ve had some difficulty with the player jumping to that spot.  The slider bar looks like it’s there, but the time below doesn’t match.  Anyway, it made me pretty happy.

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