Quantum League Book 1: Spell Robbers


>>> UpdateI get a LOT of email and blog comments asking when the second book in the series will be out. I wish I had a definitive answer. I can tell you I’ve written the second book, and my publisher has it, but it’s up to them when it comes out. The best thing to do is to tell your local bookseller you’re ready for it and you want it. <<<

A “high-energy spy story.” – Kirkus

“Kirby infuses this action-packed spy thriller with layers of moral ambiguity… This first book in the Quantum League series provides satisfying partial closure, while intriguing storylines to be developed will leave readers eager for the next installment.” – Publishers Weekly


After Ben Warner is recruited to join a “science camp” led by the eccentric quantum physicist Dr. Madeleine Hughes, he quickly realizes it’s no regular science camp. Along with his new friend, Peter, Ben discovers the secret, powerful art of Actuation–the ability to change reality by simply imagining it differently.

When a mysterious group of men invade Dr. Hughes’s laboratory, abducting her and stealing her precious equipment, Ben and Peter are suddenly caught up in a turf war between dangerous actuators desperate for Dr. Hughes’s innovative technology. And as Ben and Peter are pulled into a perilous, hidden world full of impossibilities now made possible, will their combined powers be enough to save Dr. Hughes and vanquish their enemies before it’s too late?

From Edgar Award-winning author Matthew J. Kirby comes a fast-paced, boldly imagined tale of friendship, deadly adventure, and the infinite power of imagination.

An totally awesome fan-made book trailer:

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  1. Hi i just have a question. In the quantum league, ben was detached, meaning his connection to everyone he knew was gone. That being said, why did dr hughes remember him when they were in the van with poole?

    • Hey, good question, my friend. The Quantum League was aware of Dr. Hughes and her program, watching from a distance, just as the Dread Cloaks were. Leaving her attached was a strategic move, just in case the League needed that attachment in place for her to work with Ben and Peter. Does that make sense?

  2. thanks that makes perfect sense. One more question, when do you think the 2nd book is coming out?

    • Not exactly sure, unfortunately. I’ve written a draft and my publisher has it. I know they’re talking about when they might release it. Best thing is to just let your bookstore know you want it!

    • As with most talents and skills, actuation is something you have to practice, and you realize gradually how good you are at it. Like the first time a basketball player dunks. There has to be a first time, and that was Ben’s first Class 3. It’s not his last. πŸ˜‰

      • Have you ever considered creating an e-book or guest authoring on other sites? I have a blog based upon on the same ideas you discuss and would really like to have you share some stories/information. I know my audience would value your work. If you are even remotely interested, feel free to send me an e-mail.

  3. i just had a question i have read the book and was just wondering how did ben ride the anger of being detached that far to were he could summon a class 3 with out his stone or his coin when before he could barley do a class 1

    • He realized the power was inside him, not outside him, so he didn’t need the locus anymore.

  4. So Ben was detached but is there any way that someone could remember him? Like his mom or someone?

    • No, once you’ve been detached from someone it’s like you never existed to them. Until you get reattached…

  5. My son loved the Quantum League (actually so did his three sisters). We are looking forward to the second book. We hope your publisher is quick! Is there a way to tell Amazon that we want this book?

    • The best way would be to tell your local bookstore. They give feedback to the publisher’s sales reps, and it gets back to the publisher. I’m so glad your son liked it!

  6. Hey, quick question Matthew. Well two actually, can I call you Kirby? Like the big pink thing with literally a galaxy in his stomach. Second, what is the second book even called?

      • First off, you sir are a fantabulous (fantastic + fabulous) man don’t let anybody tell you otherwise, second off thank you so much for responding to me, i once sent an email to one of my favorite authors, never got a response back it’s nice to see you care about you’re readers. <3

  7. I think the next book will be coming I next month or so, because bookstores need to sell other books, not just The Quantum League
    Just a heads up. But true,I love The Quantum League
    And I look forward to the next book!

  8. Maybe needs to complete some kind of quest to get reattached. Or maybe he needs to find a device similar to the one Agent Taggart had when Ben And Peter were in the Room in the Quantum League Headquarters. I really look forward to the next book! *Cheers!* I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOOOOOK!!!!!!!

    • In the third book, yes. In the second book, we see things from Peter’s perspective, and in the third book, it will be Sasha’s turn.

  9. lol, I don’t think it is a good idea to narrate any books by sasha. It should be narrated by Ben, or Peter.

    • Ben and Peter are cool, but Sasha is a really amazing character with her own story. πŸ˜‰

    • You told her what? The third book WILL have Sasha’s perspective. And it’s pretty cool. πŸ˜‰

  10. No, I said I ment that I think that the SECOND book would be in Peter’s or Ben’s prospective.

    • Probably not this year, unfortunately. But I did have a new book come out in a different series you might like. It’s called The Arctic Code. Maybe check it out at your library!

  11. Hi Mr.Kirby, it’s me again so i’m in junior high, and i’m kind of a wannabe author, but i can never finish a book because i keep on getting more ideas and start on those, or i never have any time to sit down and write any advice?
    Also, if you would be willing to, i would be eternally grateful, read the first few chapters of a book i’m working on? you don’t have to if you don’t want to i know you’re incredibly busy thanks!

    • Oh, I wish I had the time to read your work! I’ve been so busy lately, as you can see by the delay in replying to your comment. My suggestion would be to find some critique partners you trust and work together with them to help each other become better. I have a critique group and they have helped me so much.

  12. How did Ben actuated class 3 without locus is it because he felt played and at the moment he was angry because I remember in the book it sailed he couldn’t actuate without a locus how did he do that and cant wait till ur book comes out mr.kirbs and I love ur book I’m a big fan I’ll for sure get the 2nd one when it comes out

    • Well, the idea behind the locus is that some people feel like they have the power within themselves, and other people feel like it’s outside themselves. Ben changed when he took the power within himself. It’s kind of like all of us. We can choose to feel like life is just happening to us, and we don’t have any control. Or we can choose to believe we have the power to make our lives better. It’s up to us.

    • I would like to think that if we really want something, and we visualize it, and do what we need to do to accomplish it, we can make it happen. Not sure about fireballs, but goals we set for ourselves, certainly.

  13. I don’t know if it is real but I have tried it with a “locus” and everything but it don’t seem to work

  14. Like dven said though will Ben be able to create class four or five and while ur at it will Peter or Sasha be able to actuate class 3

  15. I just finished spell robbers, and I was wondering if you could give a quick synopsis of the second book. Thanks for putting out such great books to keep me occupied for the summer!

    • Well, I don’t want to give spoilers, but the second book sees Ben and Peter taking very different paths, but coming back together in a conflict at the end.

  16. Hello Mr. Kirby, I have a question. Will Ronin be icluded in the next book? Or will he and Ben ever meet? And one more question, do you think the book will come out THIS YEAR at least? Thanks! You’re the BEST author in history!

    • We haven’t seen the last of Ronin, I can tell you that. I hope the second book comes out soon, too. And THANK YOU!

    • My publisher, Scholastic, considers it a “middle grade” novel, so ages 8-14. But I’ve had kids older and younger read and enjoy it. πŸ™‚

  17. Hi Matthew, I was asking if this was a novel Cause I have to do some summer reading from a Novel at middle school, So that means I can use it for my Summer Reading, right?

  18. Hi, I really admire your work. I want to become an author when I grow up (even if I have to wait a good six years.) Your work is a great inspiration because of how you mixed the reality of physics with fiction of actuation. It is truly amazing. My question is how did you get your book published.

  19. Hello Mathew. I am a big fan of the book and I was wondering, do you have a favorite book (Your books included)? If you can reply an answer, I would like to look and read it while the second book becomes published

  20. When will the second book come out!? It’s been a year and I’m getting frustrated that it’s not out yet

    • I’m frustrated, too. Have you tried my other series? The first book is called The Arctic Code. It’s a different story, but I think it might hold you over. And I know when the sequel of that book is coming out. πŸ˜‰

  21. Hi Matt what’s up first off just want to say that SPELL ROBBERS IS THE BEST BOOK I EVER READ!!! Also just wondering when the seconded book is coming out everyone is telling me dates and IM SO CONFUSED I really want to read that book so if you could answer to me that would be great. Thanks!

    • Still not sure when the sequel is coming out, but in the meantime, you might like to read my other series, beginning with book 1, The Arctic Code.