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Those first pages…

When I’m doing a book signing, or sometimes just hanging out at a social gathering, it’s not uncommon for someone to say to me, “You know, I’ve thought about writing a book.” I usually respond to this by telling the person that they should write it, but they often deflect. “I wouldn’t know how to start.”

I know how daunting those first pages can be, and it can feel like a perilous leap of faith to begin writing a story down.

When people express a desire to write, I often suggest they find a writers conference to attend, but I know that many people find that idea intimidating, for a variety of reasons.

That’s why several authors are putting on a different kind of writing conference. We want something small and inviting. Cozy, even. We want to create an environment in which any question can be asked without embarrassment, and people who dream about writing a book can leave knowing how to begin.

The conference is called, appropriately, First Pages. It will be a one-day event with classes taught by a wonderful faculty of talented, award-winning, and best-selling authors who are also great teachers. You can see the full line up and register for the event HERE.

I recently had the honor of speaking at the Utah Educational Library Media Association, along with Laurie Halse Anderson. She spoke of books as empathy-building windows, and perhaps now more than ever, our world needs more windows. There are important stories that need to be told. So if you have a story, or you know someone who has a story, and you want to take the next step, please join us at First Pages.

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