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4th Annual Writing for Charity Event

Next month, I’ll be critiquing at the Writing for Charity workshop. This annual charity event keeps growing and improving, and I’m pleased to be a part of it once again. They’ve made a few changes to the format, but attendees will still have the opportunity to have their work critiqued by one of Utah’s own professional children’s authors (this year, the critiques will be much more personal), attend break-out sessions on the writing craft, and participate in a silent auction for some pretty cool stuff. Everyone involved is donating their time, and all proceeds go to charity. Some of the authors involved include Brodi Ashton, Shannon Hale, Jennifer Nielsen, and Dan Wells. For more details, or to register, click here!

More claymation!

Another wonderful fan-made book trailer for The Clockwork Three in claymation, and again I find myself amazed at the talent and creativity.

A most amazing swan, and a wondrous peacock

If you’ve read The Clockwork Three, then you know that automatons play a role in the story.  Almost every automaton mentioned in the book was an automaton that actually existed at one point, or at least, was said to have existed.  I find automatons really fascinating.  So I thought it might be cool to point you to some automatons from long ago that still exist, and still run.  Like clockwork should.

The first was sent to me recently by a young reader named Wren (thanks, Wren!) and features the “Silver Swan,” which is currently displayed at the Bowes Museum in England.

The second comes from my cousin, Janna.  It features the “The Peacock Clock,” currently housed at the Hermitage in Russia.  The video is unfortunately in Russian, but it’s still really cool to see the level of detail and artistry in these creations.

I believe both of these were created by the same man, James Cox, in the latter half of the 18th century.

Scholastic Librarian Preview – Fall 2010 Webcast

Publishers often hold seasonal previews to get librarians and educators excited about upcoming titles.  These are what Elizabeth Bird (AKA Fuse #8) often reports on, like this one.  But normally you have to live close to the publisher to attend, which usually means New York City.  But this year, Scholastic did something pretty cool.  They did their Fall 2010 preview as a webcast.  That way, librarians all over the country were able to tune in and get in on the excitement.

I mention it here because David Levithan had some very nice things to say about The Clockwork Three.  You can watch the webcast here.  My book comes up around 37:40, but I’ve had some difficulty with the player jumping to that spot.  The slider bar looks like it’s there, but the time below doesn’t match.  Anyway, it made me pretty happy.

We apologize for the dust.

I spent some time yesterday working on a new look for the site.  I’ll probably be fidgeting a bit with it today as well.  If you follow my posts in a feed reader, you won’t notice anything, but if you visit the site, you might see a glitch here and there until construction is completed.

Note: this is not to imply in any way that I am proficient at building anything on the internet.  “Construction” for me is more along the lines of “how can I get this free WordPress theme created by someone much smarter than me to do what I want it to do?”

R.I.P., SWAT House

You may remember the SWAT house next door to mine.  You know, the one that looked like this after the police department used it for training exercises one morning:

SWAT house before demolition

Well, it is sadly no more.  After the police department had their way with it, a demolition crew got their turn, as recorded in the video below:

All that remains of the home is what you see here:

SWAT house after demolition


SWAT House

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