More claymation!

Another wonderful fan-made book trailer for The Clockwork Three in claymation, and again I find myself amazed at the talent and creativity.

5 responses to “More claymation!”

  1. Wow! I made this video! So honored to see you posted it on your website! Really loved the book, You’re a wonderful author! I’m reading Icefall now. 😉

    • Thanks, Chloe! I loved your trailer. It was so creative, with a lot of attention to detail. I hope you’re enjoying Icefall!

  2. I liked the claymation trailer Chloe it was very good. Oh and I love the book Mr.Kirby! Your a great author and are you going to make a sequal to The Clickwork Three?

    • Yes, the trailer is amazing, isn’t it?

      I’m happy you enjoyed the book. I may write a sequel one day, but I have other books I plan to write first.

  3. Sorry about the spelling. I am usung and was using an Ipod. And my name us Ethan by the way. Yes It is amazing.

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