Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers Workshop

WIFYR LogoI will be a guest presenter at the upcoming Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers Worshop (June 14-18).  This event has in the past been held at BYU, but has moved to a new location, the Waterford School in Sandy, Utah.  The new venue sounds wonderful.

You may remember that this is the conference where I first met my agent, Stephen Fraser.  In fact, this year I will be on a panel of writers and illustrators whose careers began with the contacts they made at the conference.  But really, the fact that I met my future agent there is no more significant than what I learned in my workshop.  The most important part in getting published is writing well, and I learned a lot about writing well from my instructor, Martine Leavitt.  It’s true that if you attend, you might meet your future editor or agent, but it is also true – and more important – that you will learn a lot and come away a better writer.

Instructors this year include a number of award-winning, best-selling, and talented authors and illustratorsRegistration is open now.  If there is a particular faculty member you’d like to work with, sign up soon because class sizes are limited and can fill up quickly.

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  1. Martine is an amazing teacher, I think, Matthew. And I love this conference. I’ve worked hard on it for more than a decade. That said, it is you incredible authors that make agents and editors and faculty love what you do and want to represent you.

  2. Bonnie Becker I’m all over it, thanks Matt.

    Did you say you were presenting at the UVU (?) conference in March?

    I like the new format, but I think your comment box needs darker lines or I need better eyes. I couldn’t find it at first.

  3. Carol – Thanks. And I think it’s amazing what your hard work and dedication have accomplished with the workshop

    DaNae – Yes, I will be presenting at the Forum on Children’s Literature in March (don’t know if they have registration up yet). I’ll take a look at the comment box, but know that my ability to change it is woefully limited.

  4. Well now that I know where it is, maybe I’ll be able to remember.

    Be sure and let me know about the other conference when you know. I think they have a portion for librarians and the like, that I could get my principal to fund.

  5. Great new look for the blog! I particularly like the clockwork-like gears at the top.

  6. I like the clockwork, too, Matt. And I’ll see you at the conference. I was going to skip it this year and just write, but I had to change my mind when I saw Dave Wolverton’s class. And it’s pretty exciting to see you presenting only three years after that class with Martine when we were all just figuring things out. Congrats! Is Steve going to be there by chance?

  7. Rebecca – Thanks! The diagram is of the workings of one of the first watches.

    Elena – It is exciting, kind of a full circle moment. I’m looking forward to the panel, and seeing you there. Steve won’t be there this year, although I wish he was.


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