My first review, and a couple of interviews

I received my first review of The Clockwork Three.  It’s from Publisher’s Weekly, and it’s starred, which makes me very, very happy.  Here’s a nice quote:

…debut novelist Kirby has assembled all the ingredients for a rousing adventure, which he delivers with rich, transporting prose. Mixing fantasy and steampunk elements with subtle urban mythology, Kirby’s immersive story can be read as a modern morality play or a satisfying stand-alone tale.

I have people ask me all the time what kind of book The Clockwork Three is, and I struggle a bit to find a succinct answer.  It’s not quite fantasy, not quite historical fiction, nor is it steampunk, but it borrows from all three genres.  Something I appreciate about this review is that it didn’t try to pigeonhole the book, or label it as this genre or that, but instead described it how I think of it – a mixing of different elements.


I recently gave an interview to The Deseret News, which I’m told will appear in the Sunday Arts section on September 26th.  If it ends up online, I’ll link to it.


I also gave an interview to Sherrie Petersen over at Write About Now.  You can go check it out now if you want to.

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7 responses to “My first review, and a couple of interviews”

  1. Mr. Kirby
    I recently completed your wonderful book The Clockwork Three. I thoroughly enjoyed it; you are a masterful storyteller. It brough tears to my eyes when Mister Twine offered supervisor position to Hannah at the hotel. I was so engaged with the story I could not put it down.

    I very much look forward to reading more of your work!
    Best regards,
    Carmen Miller
    Charlotte NC

    • Thanks, Carmen! I’m glad you enjoyed the book. I’ll have another one out next fall, and I hope you enjoy that one, too.

  2. I’ve been lurking on your site and following your progress ever since I met Jennifer DeChiara in the Fall. I’m so happy for you and it is so exciting to get a starred review, especially for your first book. I’ve read some very good stories that didn’t get that star, so I know it’s a real accomplishment. Congratulations.

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