Publishers Weekly Flying Start

I’m really excited to announce that Publishers Weekly has chosen me as a Fall 2010 Flying Start for The Clockwork Three!  I’m thrilled and honored.

From Publishers Weekly:

Our semi-annual Flying Starts feature highlights first-time children’s book creators with noteworthy debuts over the season just past. Our fall picks: Adam Gidwitz, whose A Tale Dark and Grimm inventively combines retold tales with new material, with Hansel and Gretel in starring roles; Kiersten White, whose novel Paranormalcy tells of a teenager who bears the responsibility of keeping paranormal beings under control, but longs for a “normal” life; Matthew Kirby, author of The Clockwork Three, a middle-grade historical fantasy set in the 19th century that mixes fantasy and steampunk elements; and Sarah Dooley, whose Livvie Owen Lived Here paints a memorable portrait of the interior world of an autistic girl.

If you want to read interviews with myself and the other Flying Starts, click here.

Congratulations to the other three authors, and thanks to the editors of Publishers Weekly!

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9 responses to “Publishers Weekly Flying Start”

  1. Hello,
    Fourth grade teacher here. I spent part of my holiday vacation reading your book. I loved every moment of the adventure. It is a great book. Thank you.
    Most sincerely,
    Mrs. J

  2. Hi Matthew,

    Congratulations on the Flying Start. It’s a wonderful honor.
    We have the same agent which makes us book cousins by my reckoning so I’m even more proud of you!

    I read Clockwork 3 last week and found it a wonderfully absorbing story. Deliciously scary but not too dark. Intriguing and really cleverly plotted. I know how hard it is to pull all those story threads together in one satisfying end and you did a masterful job.

    I was at Powells and they had your book in the holiday catalog and displayed face out on the endcap. Congratulations!

  3. Hey Matt,

    School librarian here, and Liebrary champ.

    Did you see that Rosanne Perry was just here.? Did you tell her that I love Heart of a Shepard so much it makes my heart just a little to think about it?

    You get very cool people commenting on you blog now that you are all famousy.

    • Yes, very cool people. And I’m glad you distinguished between being “famousy” and actually being “famous.”

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