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As I mentioned in my last post, I’ll be going to BEA this year.  Next week, actually.  I’ll be doing some speaking, and also some signing at the Scholastic booth.  I fly in on Tuesday, and on Wednesday my editor, Lisa Sandell, will be talking about my forthcoming novel, Icefall, on the Middle Grade Editors Buzz Panel.  Then on Thursday, I’ll be speaking about Icefall on an author panel.

I’m so excited and grateful for the attention being given to this book.  And I’m also a bit surprised.  As I was writing it, I honestly didn’t know if it was a book anyone would want to publish.  I just knew it was a story that wanted to be told, so I did my best to tell it.  It’s thrilling to me that it’s getting the kind of exposure it is.

While I’m in NYC, I’ll be going into the studio to listen to a recording session with Jenna Lamia, the actress reading the Icefall audiobook, and then I’ll be recording some “bonus content” of my own (more on that later).  I’m also really hoping I can hit the Kidlit Drink Night on Thursday.  We’ll see.  I expect it to be a busy few days, and I look forward to telling you all about the trip when I get back.


A few interviews with me have appeared in the last couple of weeks.

Utah State University had a nice article in their alumni newsletter here.

And the Deseret News interviewed me and Heather Dixon for an article they ran on the Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers Workshop, which you can read here.  Most of the workshop classes are full now, but there are a few spots still open, and there’s always the afternoon sessions, too, if you want to register.


Lastly, a couple more reviews of The Clockwork Three:

BSC Kids

Miss Print

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  1. I’m so excited for you book to be a BEA Buzz book! If you’re still in town over the weekend (28-29), let me know. Emily, Bree and I are heading to NYC.

    Congrats on all the attention!!

  2. I just read ICEFALL and absolutely loved it. I am in awe of your ability to take such a large cast of characters and make each one so well-rounded and distinct. I was an early reader of THE CLOCKWORK THREE and felt it was top notch, but you have surpassed yourself with ICEFALL. I could feel the cold seeping into my bones as I read it. Solveig is a wonderful heroine and the mystery kept me guessing until the end. I can’t wait to bring this one to my book group at my library!

    • Thank you, Kathy. In some ways, ICEFALL was much more challenging to write than THE CLOCKWORK THREE, so that means a lot to me.

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