Teen Author Boot Camp

I believe I mentioned this once before, but I’ll mention it again.  This upcoming Saturday (April 23rd) I’ll be teaching at the Teen Author Boot Camp.  If you’re a teen, and you’re interested in writing, this conference is a wonderful opportunity.  The faculty line-up and the list of the classes they’ll be teaching is really great, just the kind of thing I wish had been available when I was a teenager.  I’ll be teaching a class called Voice: Where do I get one of those? Here’s the class summary:

Publishers often say they are looking for fresh, compelling, and original voices. But what is voice? And how do you get one? In this session, Matthew J. Kirby demystifies the quality of voice in writing, and offers concrete strategies and tools to help you develop yours.

Other faculty include Kiersten White, J. Scott Savage, Emily Wing Smith, Sydney Salter, and Kristen Chandler.  They’ll be teaching classes on things like dialog, creating characters, and plotting.  There’s a feature story on the conference here, if you want to read more about it.  Check out the faculty and schedule, and register here.


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  1. Hey there Matthew Kirby! Remember me? I just have to tell you how amazing I think your book The Clockwork Three is. We purchased it for the Elementary school library that I work at and I read it. I had no idea that this was the Elder Kirby from my mission in Hawaii. I have reccomended it to so many of the kids at our school and they absolutely adore it! Way to go! They are wondering if there might ever be a sequel so that they might find out what happens to Guiseppe on his voyage. Take care and keep in touch. Congrats again on an amazing accomplishment.

    • Hey there, Amy! I’m happy you found my blog, and my book, and it’s really exciting to me that the kids in your elementary school are enjoying reading it. There may be a sequel, someday, but for now my next book is a viking story called Icefall, due out this October. Keep in touch!

  2. I didn’t know about this!
    I wouldn’t have been able to go regardless.

    I wish I had something like this. Oh well. 🙂

    • It was really great. I wish teens everywhere had access to a conference like this. I with that I had had access to a conference like this when I was a teen!

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