Final Icefall Cover Revealed

Here it is! Earlier versions have been out there floating around for a while on Goodreads, and Amazon, and some other places, but this is the final, official cover for my new middle grade novel, Icefall.  Release date, October 1st, which is just around the corner. What do you think?

Pre-order the book: Indiebound|B&N|Amazon


4 responses to “Final Icefall Cover Revealed”

    • Thanks, Julie!

      And of course, you’re welcome to crash our group anytime you’re in town. Shoot me an email and we can work it out.

  1. Berserk. The bookcover is berserk.

    I also like the idea of Julie crashing in. She’s so cool she doesn’t use a big old sledgehammer to break through ice jams in my writing like the character on the Icefall jacket.

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