You can almost feel the fur coats…

The other day, after we’d had a heavy snowfall, I took the dogs for a walk in the woods. The forest had a very Narnia feel about it. I imagined Mr. Tumnus with his parcels and little umbrella around every tree (and it also made me think that I need to get a lamppost like Neil Gaiman). Look at the photos below, and tell me if you agree.

The dogs had a good time, too, following invisible trails of scent, collecting snowball boots on their legs. They both love the snow. Love it. Muppet will literally burrow through it, while Coral bounds across it like a deer. Here are some pics I snapped of them.



And early this morning I woke up to find we’d had a few little night visitors right up against the front porch.

I think they must have come by at different times, or the place where the tracks intersect would probably look quite different.


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  1. Hi! I am a writer also. Published in a few magazines over the years but that is as far as I have gone… working on some things right now that will hopefully be part of two separate books.

    None of that has anything to do with why I am writing to you! I ran across your book “The Clockwork Three” at the thrift store that I shop at quite frequently. I am one of those old school people who love to hold the actual printed page. I collect books!

    One of my favorite things to collect are children’s books. I grew up very poor and in an abusive situation that allowed for very little entertainment other than reading. The libray was free and within walking distance and was my hiding place for much of my childhood years. Those children’s books allowed me to live, at least for a time, in places I could never be, or go, in real life. I loved them! You can hardly show me a children’s book, from among those that were in print in my childhood, that I haven’t read.

    Your book caught my eye and I decided to buy it, because the story line intrigued me, and because it fit within my somewhat meager budget for the month! At this point in my life, (I am a grandma,) I do not read much just for entertainment. I love to learn… just about anything, and because, believe it or not, my mind is sharper than it has ever been, I am an avid studyier of all kinds of things.

    I brought the book home, along with a few others, and started to put it with my collection of children’s books. For some reason I couldn’t just do that… I just had to sit down and read a few pages. Well, I am still reading it! I am only up to chapter 10 and I love it! You are an amazing writer! And believe me, though I do not write for children, I have read enough of the really good “stuff” by the top children’s authors to know good writing! I like to read the story and also pay attention to the writing process and approach to the mind of a child as you tell the story. Absolutely wonderful on all counts!

    Went on Amazon to see if you had anything else availble… and I am not even done with this one yet! Okay… so why aren’t there more books of your books out there! Only saw one other book. You have too much to offer not to have others on the market. What’s up with that? I want to be able to share your wonderful stories with all my grandchildren and have your books added to my collection to leave for others to also someday discover… in another thrift store, maybe?

    So be encouraged… if that is what it takes right now… and get busy! I will be watching, on Amazon (and anywhere else I can track you down) for some more of your great work! God bless!

    • Thanks so much for your comment Louise. It’s always nice to hear from fellow writers, and I’m so glad you found and enjoyed The Clockwork Three. I’m hopefully just gearing up in my career. The Clockwork Three was my debut, I’ve had another book, Icefall come out since then, and all have a couple more out this year, then a couple each year after that. So rest assured, I am getting busy!

  2. Oh… and the pictures were great! I live in Florida now so it has been 20+ years since I have experienced any snow! Beautiful! Loved the dogs too… especially Muppet! Hope to get one EXACTLY like that one very soon. It’s on my Bucket List!

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