The Quantum League cover reveal!

Over the weekend, the lovely Betsy Bird at Fuse #8 kindly hosted the cover reveal for my next middle grade project, The Quantum League. It’s a magical crime saga that I’ve talked about a bit before. I’m really excited for it, and I’m happy to now put the cover up here:


What do you think? I think it is made entirely of awesome, and it incorporates a lot of the book into it. My thanks and appreciation to the talented artist, Jason Chan. To see more of his work, check out his site.


So, Disneyworld. If you’re planning to go at some point, might I suggest timing your visit with a tropical storm? I was in Florida teaching at a regional SCBWI workshop. The workshop was great. I taught the fantasy class with agent Joe Monti, and it turns out he and I share considerable brain real estate – similar tastes in fiction, similar approaches to writing and books. And we both have a deep and abiding love for Ursula K. Le Guin, something that pretty much guarantees my friendship.

While I was there, I took advantage of the fact that the conference was held inside Disneyworld, and made my way over to the Magic Kingdom. The day’s rain had already started, but I never once considered bailing (pun not intended, although there was a lot of rain). I just bought an over-priced poncho and went for it, and let me tell you, tropical storms do wonders for clearing crowds. The funny thing is, I didn’t actually know it was a tropical storm until the day was almost over, and people were texting me, “Hey, are you okay? There’s a tropical storm going on.” The place was a ghost town. I don’t think I waited longer than 15 minutes for any ride, and I didn’t need fast passes. I mean, look at this:

“Um, where is everybody? Is there something I don’t know…?”

The storm cleared out by the end of the day, and the crowds piled in, but by then I’d already done everything, and eaten myself silly. I was soaked, and it was awesome.

Then, last week, I taught at the Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers Workshop. I love that conference, and I always will. Steve, my agent, was there on the faculty, and so was Martine Leavitt. It was like a little reunion, and it meant a lot to me. I taught the advanced novel workshop, and my class was amazing. So much talent and creativity. I was honored to look at each of their work, and I’m sure you’ll be seeing their books in stores soon.

In just a few short months, Cave of Wonders and The Lost Kingdom will hit the shelves. My book tour is shaping up, so check back here for details to see if I’m coming to your neck of the woods.

13 responses to “The Quantum League cover reveal!”

  1. I love the cover! I can’t wait to read it. And your trip to Disneyworld sounds great! My favorite trip to Disneyland was in the rain. I remember getting to ride Pirates of the Caribbean twice in a row because there was no line. Disney parks with no crowds are totally worth getting wet for ๐Ÿ™‚ .
    It was great seeing you this week!

  2. Awsome first book in the quantum league please please please do another book or five it has a lot of potential and possibility and I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you

  3. Good afternoon,
    I want to agree with Gordon. My son LOVED your Quantum League book. He’s always asking when another is going to come out. I do hope you write another one. He’s a good reader, but sometimes I have to “make” him read for school. I didn’t have to make him read this one.

    Thank you so much,

    Lisa Haman

    • Thanks, Lisa. That’s just what I hope to hear. I wanted this book to reach reluctant readers, and it’s gratifying to know that it did for your son. I’m hoping to get the other books in the series out there soon, if it catches on with more kids! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I am a 4th grade student at melrose school, and I would like to know if there The Quantum Leauge spell robbers is the 1st book in the series?

  5. I really loved your book and my classmates loved it, too. Wwe all want to know if and when the second book is coming too

  6. i am 12 and i loved the boook. Iwould love to now when the second book will come out and what it’ll be about. Please tell us!

  7. i am 12 and i loved the book. I would love to now when the second book will come out and what it’ll be about. Please tell us!

    • I’m not sure yet when it will come out. But I can tell you it will follow Ben’s quest to be reunited with his mother, and how he continues to be involved with the Quantum League!

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