Books written, books yet to be written.

The books I have written may explain why I haven’t written an entry here in quite some time. Since I last posted, I’ve written the next Quantum League book, the sequel to Spell Robbers, and did a rewrite on the first installment in an SF/adventure series I’m doing for Harper Collins. I’m really excited about both, and I’m looking forward to talking about them more in the coming months.

The fact that I can write sentences like the ones I just wrote still catches me off-guard at times. I’m so happy and honored that I get to write stories. People often ask which of my books I like the best, and that’s a difficult question to answer. I usually reply that I like the book I’m currently writing the best, which means it’s a book no one else has read. That’s because the story I’m currently writing is the one that’s alive in my head. Those are the characters who’re living their lives and talking to me. When they stop talking, there’s no story, and when I’ve finished a book, it’s no longer a living, moving thing. I don’t know if that answer satisfies the one asking the question, but there it is.

Of course, it’s also true that I love different memories from the writing of each of my books, and it’s hard to pick a favorite memory, isn’t it? Each writing experience brings its own unique pleasures and challenges. Each book means something different to me, personally and artistically. I’m proud of all of them, each for their own idiosyncratic reasons.

In the next week or so, I’ll be writing a nonfiction piece, with an accompanying short story, for a really wonderful anthology called Been There, Done That. The project aims to show students how authors connect our real-life experiences to the stories we tell, and the roster of writers contributing to the anthology is mighty impressive. I’m honored to be a part of it.

After that, I’ll be tackling something very new for me. It’s still quite early to be talking about it, but this next book will likely be shelved in a slightly different part of the store or library than my other novels. I’m a bit nervous about it, but also incredibly excited. I’m still in the research phase (which, let’s face it, I love) but I’ll be starting in on the writing very soon.

On a personal note, it occurs to me I haven’t updated you all on some life changes I’ve gone through in the last year. I have remarried. My wife is an absolutely amazing woman named Jaime, also known as the sophistimom. She blogged a bit about our meeting and marriage, so if you’d like to read about it, you can click here. We are happy, and life is good.

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6 responses to “Books written, books yet to be written.”

  1. Dear Matthew Kirby,
    I loved your book “The Quantum League The Spell Robbers” I just finished reading it and it made sense that Ben would go rouge I guess you would call it that is exactly what I would do. Ben seems a lot like me and does the same choices and actions I would do.
    Looking forward to your next book,
    P.S. could you email me when the release date of the next book is. Thank you.

    • So glad you liked it, and that’s cool you identify with Ben. I do, too, in some ways. No release date on the next Quantum League book, but I have another series starting up next April you might want to check out to hold you over. 😉

  2. just read your first book “the clock work tree” and rated it 5 stares, i really related to that book, manly because of Gue, he remides me of what i wheant trough living with my father(god i wish he would just DIE some times) but eney way loved your book.

  3. Hello mr. Kirby my name is sam Im 9 years old and In the third grade and I just finished reading your book the quantum league spell robbers! I loved it!!! My aunt is letting me write to you so I can ask if you have a nother book for the quantum league? I hope so I really liked it maybe by my 10th birthday this june or something! Awesome book!

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