A book update, sort of, and a funny video just for the heck of it.

But the book news is more of a tease than a real update.  My editor sent me the “concept” that they’re working on for my book cover (awesome!) as well as the artist they’d like to work with.  They don’t know yet if he’ll be available when they need him, but I really hope he can fit my book into his schedule.  He would be a perfect fit.  It’s way too early to go into details about either the concept or the artist (either or both could easily change) but I’m super excited, and this here blog is the roof from which I can yawp.  So, YAWP!


And now, the video.  You know, I love how YouTube let’s me know exactly how far behind the curve I am.  For example, I know that tens of millions of people saw this video before I did, as did my friend, Bree, who posted it to her blog just yesterday (thanks, Bree.  It made my day).

The cost of taking your son to the dentist: well, that depends on your insurance

Filming your son while he’s high as a kite on dentist drugs: priceless

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4 responses to “A book update, sort of, and a funny video just for the heck of it.”

  1. You flirt. If I bring you brownies will you whisper the initials of the possible artist in my ear?

    Thanks for the PSA – Just say NO to drugs and parents with video equipment.

    Have you done your thing with Alexi and company?

  2. Hey, Matt–Just saw this; very exciting about getting the concept and possible artist for your book cover. I’m so glad you like him and I can’t wait to see what they come up with. I hope it’s as beautiful as the book.

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