A couple of firsts

One of them being my first You Tube video.  I recently uploaded a clip from a trip my wife and I took to Ireland the summer of ’07.  We were driving the Sheep’s Head Peninsula when we came upon a Road Bowling game in progress.  We pulled over to watch and were welcomed by the participants and spectators.

Road Bowling is kind of like golf, except the ball is 22 oz. of steel, you throw it, and the course is a public road (notice the cars driving through the middle of the game).  Basically, two guys try to get the ball from point A to point B in the fewest number of throws, and the distance between the points can be pretty far.  I think we walked about a half-mile, and the game was already going when we got there.  In the video, you might catch a glimpse of a guy with a metal detector (for finding stray balls).  And those clumps of grass in the road are there to help the players aim the longest shot down the road.  In case you’re wondering, the guy in the dark shirt won the game.  And afterward, they invited us to the pub to celebrate.

The second first is an attempt to embed said You Tube video on this site.  So this is a test, really.

Update: It appears to have worked.

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