Book Updates

A couple of things have been going on, book-wise.

First, Scholastic Audio has acquired the audiobook rights to The Clockwork Three! I’m really excited by this news, and I am grateful that Scholastic is so behind my book on all fronts. The audiobook will be released simultaneously with the print edition. I don’t know which actor will read it, and I doubt I’ll have any input on that. But I’m looking forward to the experience of hearing someone else interpret my story. I think that’s about the closest I’ll be able to come to looking at my book with fresh eyes, the way a reader might.

Last week I finished up the copy edits for The Clockwork Three, and sent them back to my editor. After doing so, I need to take a moment to say that copy editors are amazing. Copy editing is a highly specialized skill, and I have the highest respect for those who possess it. My copy editor’s name is Susan, and I owe her a big thank you.

My editor accepted my copy edits, so the next thing I’ll see will be the typeset pages, or galleys. After I’ve gone through those and marked any changes, the book will go on to be printed. After that, I’ll see the ARCs (advance reader copies). Up until now, my story has had a largely digital existence. I’ve printed a few hard copies on my computer, but the ARC will be the first embodiment of my story as an actual book. I can’t wait to see it.


Rebecca Barnhouse sent me a link to this video of my editor, Lisa Sandell, talking about what she likes about her job, and some of the books she’s worked on. (And also be sure to check out Rebecca’s new novel The Book of the Maidservant, which is getting wonderful reviews. It’s about one of my favorite medieval historical figures, a delightful nut named Margery Kemp.)

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  1. I don’t want to brag but I own a hard copy of your book. Of course it was compiled backwards and held together with a plastic comb device, primarily used to bind first grade art together. I’m holding it for the exhibit in the Smithsonian.

  2. Hey how come DaNae got a copy before me! I actually see you ALL THE TIME! Not like some people who live far away! Dude whats up with that?

  3. Just ignore my comment. That is not the DaNae I was looking for… move along.

  4. I think this DaNae would be interested to know that there is another DaNae out there.

  5. Congratulations, Matt! I figured you must be deep in edits since you’ve been pretty silent on the blog lately. Do you have a definite release date yet? I can’t wait to get my own copy(ies). Guess what all my nieces and nephews will be getting for birthdays next year?

  6. Great news about the audiotapes. I’ve been wondering where you were! There are only so many times I can read about the Green Spy (one of the funniest stories I’ve heard in a while). Thanks for the new material.

  7. Elena – Yes, I’ve been busy with non-blog writing for several weeks. No release date, yet, but hopefully soon. And I hope your nieces and nephews like the book!

    Brodi – Glad you liked the Green Spy! My first attempt at humor writing. I think I’ll be able to resume a weekly posting schedule, so it won’t be so long between posts.


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